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                                                     Your   MUSIC  ON   300  ONLINE  STORES
     Over 20 years of experience in the music and media business sector speak for themselves. 

                                  Elementum V has developed an important network for artists ,
                                                    Partnership  With One of
                The Biggest GERMAN Music DISTRIBUTORS Around The World. 
                                               Become  partners and benefits of our experience

So simple ....!

     1°-Register on Elementum V
                   with Artist Music Track Contract

2°- Upload your Music

     4°- We  Especially  Promote
                in Our Platforms  and  Social Media

  5°- Earn Money With                   
       Your Own Songs

3°- We will Distribute on Stores
             Around  the  World

Start now selling your music online. Create your free account, upload your tracks                     and start earning money. We will provide you with a lot of useful                                                     marketing and promotional tools.

    This means that your music will be distributed not only to Ireland ,Germany, Italy 

          and France, but it will be available in America, Asia, and all over the world!         


                 Besides, a professional and multilingual support team ,apply NOW !

      Artists  Area , e-mail  Us

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